122 Years and Still Going Strong!

In 1899, the members of Lodge Sokol Karel Havliček and ZCBJ Lodge Jan Žižka No. 67 joined together and built a hall where Czech people could meet and socialize. In 1901, the Yukon Czech Hall was built on land donated by local Czech immigrants. The building is recognized as a State and National Historic Site.

Since its beginning, the Yukon Czech Hall has been the center of Czech-American culture in Oklahoma as well as serving as a social center and meeting place for non-Czech residents of the surrounding community. Over the years, Yukon Czech Hall has hosted lodge meetings, weddings, anniversary parties, family reunions, Czech plays, Czech language classes, and polka dances. For additional rental information please see our rental page.

A polka dance has been held at Yukon Czech Hall every Saturday night since at least the 1920s, and this continues today! The dances are run by the voluntary efforts of the members of the two aforementioned lodges and are always open to the general public. The two polka bands in the area, Masopust Polka Band and the Bohemian Knights, play for the dances. Additionally polka bands traveling from other states will occasionally play for a dance when they are on tour.

The Yukon Czech Hall is operated with the goal of protecting, preserving, and sharing the Czech-American heritage. Everyone is welcome at the weekly polka dances whether they are of Czech heritage or not. Families are especially encouraged to attend. For more information, please see our Calendar/Dance Schedule page.

SOKOL is Czech for “falcon.” SOKOL is English for a great group of people bonded by a common ethnicity, heritage or interest. SOKOL has been in the United States since 1865 and has spread from coast to coast and from the northern border to the southern.

Founded in 1862 in the Czech lands which later became Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic and Slovak Republic), the SOKOL organization continues today in the United States as a vital, thriving entity. Based on founder Dr. Miroslav Tyrs’ credo of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body” the member units of the American Sokol offer physical training in gymnastics, dance, and other athletics, as well as providing cultural awareness and family-oriented activities. Sokol’s first unit in America was started in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1865.

Western Fraternal Life Association and originally known as ZCBJ) was established in 1897 as a Czech fraternal benefit society, providing its members burial insurance, social and ethnic activities. In 1947, requirements for membership were eventually opened to all people regardless of ethnic background. Lodges have been formed through the years around the country and members attend meetings and social gatherings and provide a network of volunteers for their communities.  After a recent merger/expansion, WFLA is now operating under the name Better Life, but the foundation, history, and purpose of our lodge remain the same!

When you purchase life insurance or an annuity with Better Life, you become a member of their fraternal benefit society. Fraternals are not-for-profit charitable and benevolent institutions that have a rich tradition of service to individuals, communities and the nation. The Association is owned and governed by its members.

Whether you attend lodge meetings or not, there are potential scholarships, contests and other benefits available to you without additional premium costs.

If you are interested in becoming a member of either of these associations, please call us, message us on Facebook, or ask a volunteer at one of our YCH dances.