We regret to inform you that we are canceling the dance for February 20 due to the after-effects of the winter storm.  Between icy driveways and band transportation issues, we just cannot hold a dance.  All should be melted and well by the February 27 Dance, so we will see you then!  As always, please call if you have any questions–(405) 721-4396 (or Czech us out on Facebook or Instagram).

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In 1899, the members of Lodge Sokol Karel Havliček and WFLA Lodge Jan Žižka No. 67 joined together and built a hall where Czech people could meet and socialize. In 1901, the Yukon Czech Hall was built on land donated by local Czech immigrants. The building is recognized as a State and National Historic Site.

Since its beginning, the Yukon Czech Hall has been the center of Czech-American culture in Oklahoma as well as serving as a social center and meeting place for non-Czech residents of the surrounding community. Over the years, Yukon Czech Hall has hosted lodge meetings, weddings, anniversary parties, family reunions, Czech plays, Czech language classes, and polka dances. For additional rental information please see our rental page.

Today, we continue to be operated by volunteers, most of whom are of Czech descent and members of our lodges. We take pride in our Historic Hall and work year round to ensure it stays prosperous. We welcome all to join us on Saturday nights at our weekly dances or to look into hosting your next event here at the Hall. We love to talk about our heritage and culture, so come out and enjoy a family friendly night at the Hall with a Koláč, Klobasy, beer (pivo), wine (víno), or a nice soda pop and dance or just listen to some wonderful live music. Take a look around our museum or ask one of the volunteers about our history- we welcome you to come share in the fun of Oklahoma Czech History!

Dance Every Saturday 8-11:30 (open to public) 

(405) 324-8073 for more information